Who We Are

LetsTrade was born out of necessity rather than design. Professional traders required a trading environment in which they could receive fair and accurate pricing, reasonable charges and a wide range of markets, whilst also feeling comfortable with regard to the security of their funds, the execution of each order, and the reliability of the platform being used. It was these very factors that resulted in the formation of LetsTrade. From the outset it was clear that not only should professional traders benefit from this environment, but so too should individual traders who wish to receive the same equitable treatment.

LetsTrade is possibly the largest Straight Through Processing (STP) provider of markets on the Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform. We provide the ultimate solution for people to trade currencies, commodities, indices and stocks online – all in a simple, transparent and educated way.

The LetsTrade MT4 platform automatically routes each and every trade made by our account holders directly through to our liquidity pools using cutting edge Straight Through Processing techniques (i.e. no execution manipulation, fair pricing, no conflict of interests, and an environment where both PipIndex and the traders interests are aligned). 

We have no rights to “Make the Market” nor do we want any, hence have no conflict with our clients. We are strictly in business to protect our client’s interests and so our clients receive unparalleled execution quality and complete pre and post trade transparency.

We have exceptional strength in both resources and stability, with a well-capitalised balance sheet and consistently strong growth. In spite of the growth and size of LetsTrade one core facet will never change - the support which is provided to the trader. Far too often trader support is set out as a company characteristic, but once the commercial relationship is finalised the relationship becomes far more distance. This is not the case with LetsTrade. We appreciate and wish to assist each and every trader throughout their career.