The LetsTrade Club


The LetsTrade Club gives you weekly live educational webinars providing you with the knowledge to trade confidently. 

Our live and interactive webinars explain to you what has happened and more importantly why it has happened in many of the most frequently traded markets.

Each live session then explores, based on what happened and why, what possible scenarios may develop providing key insights.

Join the LetsTrade Club and collectively study the markets from both a technical and fundamental perspective so as to understand the cause and best prepare for the future.




Live Weekly Webinars

Dedicated Support


Access to live weekly webinars hosted by our trading experts who have 14+ years experience each.

Each session will highlight what happened, why it happened and what scenarios may develop.

Since each webinar is live you can ask questions in real time to our resident trading experts.

You can also receive feedback from your peers as well as our dedicated support team.

This is the most important part. Until you know what you are doing you are bound to lack confidence.

By analysing live market conditions and reviewing trade set ups you will gain confidence.

Your Curriculum
Your Induction - Building A Solid Basis

Here your Account Manager will ensure you understand and are comfortable operating your Metatrader 4 platform. After this lesson you will know how to find a market of interest, examine its chart, place orders and assess performance.

Longs and Shorts - here you will be shown that you can speculate on rising AND falling markets.

Buying or Selling right now - if an opportunity presents itself when at your machine you will need to know what to do.

Trading IF future prices occur - traders can use pending orders, whereby if a market hits a price, they will then enter the market. There is a lot of justification for this type of order. Firstly, there is no charge unless the trade happens. If the trade does not happen it is usually not a good sign, as it meant you were wrong. They allow you to trade without time-based pressure or heat of the moment decisions.

Trade Sizing - knowing how to interpret the actual physical amount of an object that is due to be traded is crucially important in advance of proceeding. We show each individual how to understand the mechanics fully.

Leverage and Margin - knowing how to read and interpret the applicable leverage and margin rates is crucially important. We have no doubt you will be fully comfortable with this heading post-Induction.

This meeting will assess your understanding of the previous lesson and how you have performed in the meantime. This meeting will be unashamedly repetitive. The reason being the ground covered up until this point is crucial and therefore we must ensure you have grasped it. Additional repetition is one of the cornerstones of education.

This lesson will be incredibly fluid based on your own individual development. You are definitely not just an account number to us.

There are two main ways traders attempt to find opportunities. Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis. Often time’s traders are heavily encamped on one side or the other. There are others who use both.

The Letstrade Club will present an introduction to both styles pending the more comprehensive Phase 2 of the LetsTrade Club.

The Birth Of A Trader

The aim of Phase 2 of the Letstrade Club is to help you achieve the objectives that you have set yourself and to place at least one trade, demo or live, on each of the major asset classes, namely FX , Commodities, Bonds, ETF's, Indices and Equities.

The flow of each webinar will be similar in terms of overall structure, all be it specific to the asset class in question. This also allows traders to opt in and out at the exact right times for the areas which are of most interest to them.

  • What has happened technically
  • What has happened fundamentally
  • What is set to happen
  • Correlations
  • Costs
  • Questions and Answers

These webinars shall explore:

  • Major Indices - EU, US and Australasian and many more
  • Individual Equities - One Gap Too Far - Negatives to Positives
  • What is moving and why
  • Correlations
  • Costs
  • Catch major pull backs - scaling in
  • What has happened technically
  • What has happened fundamentally
  • What is set to happen
  • Questions and Answers

These webinars shall explore:

  • Majors
  • Copper, Platinum and Palladium
  • Crude and Brent
  • Natural Gas
  • Commodities - a closed shop?
  • Correlations
  • Costs
  • What has happened technically
  • What has happened fundamentally
  • What is set to happen
  • Questions and Answers

These webinars shall explore:

  • All the paper - pros and cons
  • Liquid vs Illiquid
  • ETF's - accessing markets one couldn't otherwise
  • Correlations
  • Costs
  • Adjust stops and re-entering
  • What has happened technically
  • What has happened fundamentally
  • What is set to happen
  • Questions and Answers
Although the topics will remain constant no two webinars are alike due to a few simple facts, the world changes, the markets change, we change, and hence we will not run out of things to discuss or learn. This is an opportunity to truly join a club of like-minded traders working towards a common goal and the best part is that it is totally free for life.
How Can The LetsTrade Club Help You Improve

The flow of each webinar will be similar in terms of overall structure, all be it specific to that asset class. This also allows traders opt in and out at the exact right times for the parts that are of interest to them.

Also included in your LetsTrade Club are Bi-Annual reviews of your trading with us. The account overall will be examined in detail.

The LetsTrade Club will provide honest feedback in relation to all your trading activities. We will perform a detailed analysis of your transactional costs so as to ascertain if we can improve our services to you, our valued client, for our mutual benefit longer term.

Are There Any Obligations?

No. The LetsTrade Club is open to all. There are no arbitrary obligations that members must be currently trading on an account, rather that they are serious about learning to trade confidently.

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How can I gain access for free and what is Sponsorship?

You have two options to access the LetsTrade Club:
1.    By purchasing the LetsTrade for £2,000 one time paying and gaining access
2.    Open your premium account, sponsored by AVATrade, by selecting ‘Open Live Account’ on this page

Rather than paying £2,000 directly for the LetsTrade Club you instead open and fund an account with our preferred Broker Partner.

That Broker will then Sponsor your education essentially paying LetsTrade for your education.

You are happy because you receive your education for free.

The Broker is happy because they have gotten to know someone serious about trading and uf you are happy you are likely to stay with the broker.

If you are unhappy just withdraw your money – worst case you just for a £2,000 course for free.

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